Tuesday, September 4, 2012

listing the gifts God gave me

11.) A husband who loves his babies more than himself 

12.) Hot and sizzling fried green tomatoes

13.) Having time to create a homemade dress

14.) Sqeankies stuck to my sweet girls face just to make Momma laugh

...listing the gifts God has given me!

  1.) Early morning snuggles with Gracie 2.) Oatmeal kisses from Jessica 3.) Girly giggles that travel down the hallway 4.) Having such a deep friendship that parting hurts 5.) Friendship seasoned with love and coffee 6.) Ketchup smiles from Gracie 7.) The smell of clean laundry 8.) The letter apostle Paul wrote to the Romans. It has a way of reaching the depths of my heart and making it new. 9.) A freezer so full I'm afraid to open it 10.) Yummy chocolate cream cheese to smear onto my pretzels. Thank you Jesus for the simple joys you bring to my life. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

...shooting at the range!

A couple of weeks ago David bought me a 9mm Beretta, and yesterday I got to try it out! It was awesome. David it a great teacher and I turned out to be a good shot. I see many more dates to the range in our future. =)
So much fun

My Homeslice is so proud! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

...sister playtime

I just love how the Lord created these two to love one another. It is such a privilege to be her mom and watch the love between them grow. =)
All girl right down to her little toes

Gracie loves shoes too

She has the most beautiful hair


My little beauty

My sweet little Gracie


making memories at the ice park.

Every year in Fairbanks there is an ice sculpting competition where people from around the world come and show off there amazing skills. This was our first time going and we had a blast. It is amazing to me how versatile ice can be! There were slides, sculptures and even a spinning cup to ride in! =) The best part was how warm it was for us, twenty-five degrees above zero! =)

My favorite one, also the winner.

Daddy and his princess

We had so much fun going down the ice slides

=) Love this guy!