Wednesday, November 16, 2011

....Jessica playing with Valeria

We sponsor a little girl in El Salvador and lately I have been praying for her with the girls. This morning Jessica was carrying around Valeria's picture and talking to her. It made my eyes fill with tears when she looked at the picture and said, "Jesus yufie Balri" For those of you who dont speak Jessica that means Jesus loves you Valeria. I was so over whelmed by her sincerity and kindness to a little girl she has only seen in pictures. I am truly in awe of our heavenly father and how he loving guides our children.
"Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to them'"

....Jessica's 2nd birthday

Thank you to all of you who called and sent gifts to make Jessica's birthday special. She is an amazing little girl and we are so blessed to be her parents. =) Here are a few pictures from her special day!
Thank you for my cute clothes Granny and Papa

I love my colors and coloring book Grandad

So much fun

Cuteness! =)

Thank you for Candy Land Mimi and Papa
Daddy was very patient with the birthday girl! 

Thank you Cindy Miss for the adorable tutu

Thank you Cami for the cutest, yummiest treats! 

Gracie got a tutu too! 

Thank you for the Legos Abel

Thank you for the outfits Cami and katie

Momma's little Bumble Bee 

Happy Family at 40 below

Here are just a few things that make life more fun here in AK! =)
Ice inside the windows 
Ice inside the door


Sunlight coming through the trees

...Jessica and her Dog

Not to long ago Samson was intruded into our little family. He has managed to turn our entire life upside-down. But Jessica loves him so very much.  I think he might just turn out to be worth all of the extra work. =)
Fun in the snow


Awe sweet love